About Us

Small team. Big ideas.

Cleversteam empowers people and businesses through innovative systems and visual identities. Based in the UK we develop robust business applications and forward facing websites that facilitate the running of companies on a global and national level 24/7. Our creative team harness and nurture strong brands that can be applied to our web developments or brought to life in video and marketing.

As well as servicing a range of internaitnal clients we also develop and maintain two innovative products, ForestPage and The Hub. 

ForestPage is a simple to use yet powerfull content management system.

The Hub is an inward facing social network that allows any business or organisation to create a standalone and secure online community with all the features you'd expect from a thriving communications platform. The Hub can be used to manage and administer the deployment of staff, encourage social interaction amongst a group of people or as a company intranet to deliver and discuss information in a personal way.

If you'd like to find out more about please contact us.