ForestPage is Cleversteam's own Content Management System (CMS). Acting as our flagship product the CMS powers a large number of websites, including many high-traffic and multi-lingual sites including Becky Adlington's Swim Stars. The web based software gives business owners full control over all aspects of content on their site via an easy to use administration panel.

Stay in control

ForestPage allows you to update almost every element of your site's content. It's without the constraints and structure issues that other CMS' come with and there's no coding skills necessary. Simply type and update. It's as easy as sending an email.

New page in minutes

You can create a new page with a few simple clicks. No waiting around for your web designer to fit it in, you can create a new page, add content, upload and image and select where you want it to go in your menu structure in an instant.

Fully managed and supported

ForestPage runs within our server environment  There's no need to worry about keeping the software up to date as new features and improvements are automatically pushed out to all ForestPage users. You don't need to worry about hosting or issues either. Our team look after all sites round the clock with super quick responses to any queries and advanced service monitoring to nip downtime in the bud.

Beautifully creafted design

Our team of creatives can come up with a great looking design for your site. Our designers are passionate about what they do and that's reflected in the work they produce. If you're happy with your current site, however, we can take your existing HTML code and embed it into a ForestPage.

Most popular Forest Page websites